Image Manipulation

Ok, so you’ve got some images ready to post on Twitter, Facebook or your new website, but they’re just not quite right.

Do you need your customers to see an enhanced or better view of your products, services, amenities or facilities?

Maybe your images just need a re-touch or something more detailed, dreamy, blurred, aged or funky?

Here are just a few of the editing services I can provide:Lightbulbs


  • Adding or removing items/people
  • Red eye removal
  • Colour change
  • Background replacement
  • Cropping
  • Enlarging
  • Adding watermarks
  • Converting images to sketch or watercolour
  • Ageing pictures
  • Removing tears or marks from old pictures


It’s not just businesses either, maybe you want to give that someone special a different birthday card this year? Something no-one else will have thought of and certainly not anything that can be bought from a shop or online. A one off personalised birthday card that they will keep forever.


If you have some ideas of your own you wish to discuss, give me a call for a chat.