• Are your e-newsletter campaigns looking a bit tired?
  • Are you getting customers unsubscribing because your newsletters are not keeping them focused or are difficult to read?
  • Are you struggling with time to keep in regular contact with your loyal customers who expect a weekly or monthly newsletter update?


enewsletterYou know yourself, time is precious, so why would your customers spend time trying to decipher a messy newsletter and just not ‘get’ what you’re trying to communicate. It’s a fact that people process visuals much, much faster than text. We will only read 20 percent of the text on a page, retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read. So it makes sense that the first few seconds are critical to customer engagement and to promote your message to keep their attention.


Your e-newsletter needs to be:

  • Branded correctly to mirror your website
  • Consistent with how it looks. Fonts, graphics, sections, headings, links, etc., all come together to create good design and layout, making it easy to read
  • Interesting enough to keep them focused
  • Visually pleasing with plenty of images and possibly videos


Why do you need an e-newsletter for your company?

  • It increases leads & cross selling
  • Sending a regular newsletter will keep you in touch with your customers and provide an ongoing, low-key mechanism for highlighting your full range of products and services
  • It increases customer loyalty
  • A newsletter will make a connection with your customers and with each one you send, will build, enhance and solidify that relationship



Low Cost
E-newsletters are instant and your email database of addresses will give you instant access to your customers. If you are already providing your customers with printed material, a newsletter will save you money in time, printing and posting costs.
Keeping in Touch
Once you have a template for your newsletter, it can be used to send alerts, promotions, articles of interest and just generally keeping in touch as frequently as you wish.
It opens up a two-way dialogue with your customers and allows them to easily and immediately interact with you. Customers can comment, request information or exchange ideas and keeps dialogue flowing in both directions.



E-newsletters enhance your website or existing marketing materials and will tie them altogether, re-inforcing your brand.
They can provide instant, measurable results which are instantly trackable. You will be able to analyse how many were opened, clicked on, which links were clicked and much more.
Social Media
Even if you don’t have a huge database of customers, there are tools that can be used to get people to sign up through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So what are you waiting for? Your customers are out there eager and waiting to see what you have to say to them.

Call me so I can help you to keep in touch with your customers.