Logos & Branding


Branding, Logos….aren’t they the same??


Girls-Travel-mock-upThink of it this way…a logo all by itself is a graphic element with, or without a name. A brand is the communications strategy that helps you communicate your passion and expertise.


Creating a good first impression in your customers mind is vital in todays competitive market. Your company brand goes way beyond just a name or logo, it’s an experience that connects with people at an emotional level and makes them feel good when they buy the brand. Your brand includes your logo, website, social media experiences, how you answer the phone and how your customers experience your customer service.


People will pay a fortune to show off the latest clothing wearing their favourite brand. They will also eat brands, listen to brands and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. BUT, they can’t tell someone about a brand they can’t remember. Your brand should be shouting ‘Woo hoo, here I am, remember me!’, evoking some memory or emotion. This is why a strong brand is critical to generating referrals or viral traffic. It’s vital to remember that your brand represents YOUYOU are the brand, your staff are the brand, your marketing materials are the brand.


When combined, a well-planned logo and a brand strategy help you effectively and efficiently reach your target audience, communicate your message, your value, benefits, and visually attract more attention.


If your brand is important to your business, I can also provide a brand guidelines manual which will ensure your brand is always portrayed consistently and accurately for the future.


Is your brand telling the right story and projecting the image you want? Maybe you are happy with your logo and branding, but it just needs a re-fresh, a tweak here or there, no problem just give me a call to discuss your requirements.